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November 20, 2010

Didn’t We…

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A Tramp Shining was a Grammy-nominated album, released in 1968.


Richard Harris teamed with legendary singer-songwriter for this album. Although sang many numbers on the soundtrack album to the film musical Camelot in the previous year, A Tramp Shining became his first solo album.

Jimmy Webb wrote all the songs, arranged the musicians, and produced the entire album. “” was one of the biggest singles of that year, and it reached the #2 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The album as a whole was also highly successful, and was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Album of the Year” in 1969.

But there was one song from that album that always stuck in my mind, and has continued to do so throughout the years. As time has passed, with loves found and lost, it has always come back to me, and sometimes at the strangest time, particularly late at night. It is to me more than a song with great lyrics; it’s a sadly romantic poem.

Didn’t We

This time we almost made the pieces fit,
Didn’t we girl?
This time we almost made some sense of it,
Didn’t we girl?

This time I held the answer
Right here in my hand,
Then I touched it
And it had turned to sand!

This time we almost sang our songs in tune,
Didn’t we girl?
This time we almost made it to the moon,
Didn’t we girl?

This time we almost made
Our poem rhyme,
This time we almost made
That long, long climb

Didn’t we almost make it,
This time?
… didn’t we almost make it,
This time?

The lyrics set the tone of lovers who once were innocent, but who watched the pieces of the puzzle come apart, and now know better. It was not they who led the dance but who followed the choreographed steps that a greater power had already written for them. They almost made it to the moon…

If one could go back and change events, make some sense of them, maybe drop pride if just for a moment, could it, would it work? Is there such a thing as a second time around, or are the pieces to the puzzle lost and never to be put in place again?

Only time has those answers.


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